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5 Twitter for Restaurants Blog Posts You Need to Read


Twitter or Tweeter as we like to call it, is a social media platform that too many businesses fail to take advantage of.  Especially those that are in the service business like restaurants. Twitter allows businesses to easily connect and engage, get feedback, get ideas, and cheaply promote their business in less than 140 characters, meaning you don’t have to spend a bunch of time crafting lofty copy. All you need to do is get to the point, by tweeting things like “Our lunch special today is {insert special here}.”

But you can’t just tweet about your specials everyday and not all restaurants have specials.

True, but there are all sorts of other easy things you can tweet about, such as photos of your food. If your manager, servers, or hosts/hostesses have smart phones they can snap shots of 7-10 dishes on a Monday and you’ll have tweets for the rest of the week.

It really is a shame that restaurants aren’t taking advantage of Twitter more.  So we’ve compiled 5 great blog posts on Twitter for restaurants to realize how easy it is to get started, how much it can benefit their business, and how to do it.

Twitter For Restaurants

 1. How To Use Twitter For Business: 5 More Incredibly Interesting Case Studies 

This blog posts profiles 5 businesses, both small and large, that have effectively used Twitter for marketing and to drive sales.  While it’s a bit older, this post is still highly relevant and restaurants and other businesses can learn a great deal from these examples.  One great example in this post is Naked Pizza who bucked the traditional pizza marketing model of direct mail and replaced it with Twitter.  They were so successful with Twitter that they created a custom button on their POS system to track twitter promotions and in May of 2009 they set a sales record, with 68.6% of sales coming from Twitter.

2. Twitter for Restaurants 

This is also an older post but it does a great job of giving Twitter novices the low down on the popular micro blogging site. They explain everything from setting up an account to Twitter vocabulary you need to know.  For an even more comprehensive guide to Twitter download Twitter for Small Businesses, a guide from Twitter themselves. Also check out this video from Twitter.

3. 5 Twitter Tips for Restaurants

If you are already on Twitter and are tweeting & engaging with people in the tweet-o-sphere then this post will help you take it to the next level.  It has 5 great ideas for how to use Twitter to drive more people to your restaurant.  My favorite ideas are 1) tweeting deals that customers redeem by showing the tweet or saying something you promoted in the tweet so you can track sales that came from your tweets and 2) creating groups and tweetup specials.  Go read the blog post to learn what tweetups are and how restaurants can use them to drive sales.

4. 6 Twitter Hashtags Every Restaurant Should Use

Using hashtags (if you don’t know what they are read about them in Twitter for Restaurants) make your tweets more searchable and increase the number of people who see them.  It’s been shown that tweets that use 1-2 hashtags get twice as much engagement as those that don’t use them.  With that said be careful about using 3 or more hashtags in tweets as this can actually cause engagement to drop.  This posts show restaurants all the hashtags they absolutely need to be using.

5. 38 Twitter Ideas for Restaurants and Franchises

This post gives a nice list of ideas for restaurants for what to tweet about broken down by categories that inlclude:

  • Customer Service
  • Helpful Information
  • Humanize your restaurant
  • Social network integration
  • Restaurant updates

 Got any new Twitter for Restaurants posts I missed?

Then please share in the comments to build up this list.


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