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Why Emotional Branding Works

Emotional branding and messaging are terms you’ve probably been hearing for a while. However, you may be having trouble understanding why it works or why it’s become a marketing industry must. Understanding why emotional branding is effective can help you do it even better, so here are some reasons why it’s the way to go. […]

Why Do Agencies Exist? To Build Your Brand

In a previous blog post on the Basics of Branding, I talked about the importance of a company’s public identity and laid out a strategy for branding that involves several major phases. The first phase is a mental process: thinking about branding. You start by defining the promise that you will make to the public, […]

The Basics of Branding

One question I’m asked over and over again in this business is “What’s all this about branding?” Often times, the true, underlying question I’m being asked is “What does an agency even do, that I should pay you to do it?” “Brand Strategy” can sometimes seem like a process that only applies to massive, well-recognized […]

Restaurant Branding: From Physical to Digital

If you’re just starting to increase your restaurant’s online presence, one big thing to remember is maintaining consistency in your restaurant branding. Your business should have a consistent look both online and offline. This communicates to customers that you have an attention for detail, care about the restaurant’s branding, and want customers to immediately recognize the restaurant […]

Rebranding Your Business. Here’s How:

Once you’ve come to terms with why your business needs to rebrand and decided who you want to rebrand as, you have to keep going and do the hard the work of actually rebranding. First, decide what specifically needs to change. This is one of the hardest things to do because it’s the part where […]

Rebranding Your Business: Here’s Who

In the first part of our Rebranding  series, we covered why we considered rebranding to be a necessary part of growing TVI (or any other business). But once we’d recognized the need to rebrand as a creative agency, we found that we needed to determine “who” we were going to rebrand as. “Who” is a difficult […]

Rebranding Your Business. Here’s Why:

Whether you’re running a national restaurant chain, a design agency, or a Fortune 500 company, rebranding your business is a necessity. Why? Because your brand needs to be reflective of your business and your strategic direction.  This means that as your business evolves, your brand identity needs to change as well. If your brand remains […]