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How to Speed up Your Website

There are many different ways to speed up your website after analyzing load time with utilities like Pingdom or Google’s PageSpeed Insights, but it all comes down to how it was built in the first place. Thought needs to be given not only on how to make a site visually appealing, but on how fast […]

3 Web Design Trends to Look Out for in 2015

It’s now 2015, and users have more access to the internet than ever, with the increased availability of wifi hotspots, smartphones and faster megabit speeds. With that, many new websites are using a dynamic combination of copy, artwork, video, and animation to tell a story and draw the user in. Other websites, while not as […]

5 CSS Tricks to help you code faster

CSS is something that I (and millions of web design masterminds) use every day. Some days you love it. Some days? You hate it. But here are 5 CSS tricks to help you work better on the days when you hate it: Absolute Loves Relative It’s surprising that this isn’t a well known fact about […]

Content Before Design

When it comes to designing a website, tasks have to be done in a certain order.  If these tasks are completed out of order it costs valuable time in getting a site coded and ultimately launched. Why? Well, would you write a paper before researching the topic? No, right? That’s how creating a website should […]

Wonderful Jquery and You

What’s Jquery and why use it? Jquery is a coding framework that was introduced in 2006 and makes writing javascript much easier. Javascript has been around forever; Jquery just enhances what it can do. I’ve always preferred using Jquery as an alternative to Flash because it’s lighter than flash, has cross browser compliance, doesn’t require […]

Web Design Trends That are Seriously out of Date

Web design trends come and go very fast and that turnover is building up speed. With different technologies springing up every day, your site has to conform to them almost seamlessly to be effective. Just imagine a world without smart phones or tablets. (So, like, 10 years ago.) Back then there was little use for […]

SEO Tips: How Web Development Affects Your SEO

When a company’s management orders up a new website, they generally do so with only design elements in mind. Frequently, the assumption is that a creative agency should be hired to do the creative work and that true SEO tasks should be handled later on by someone further down the pipeline. At TVI, this drives […]

PR Daily Winner:!

TVI, in partnership with Phillips and Company, has been awarded “Best Website” in the PR DailyMedia Relations Awards. TVI created the lauded GetCurious Website as part of Phillips and Company’s global publicity campaign to promote NASA’s Mars rover, Curiosity, which landed in Gale Crater on August 6th, 2012.  PR Daily describes award recipients as agencies who “made it look easy” to promote their […]

Just Launched: Coloredge

TVI is proud to announce the launch of the redesigned Coloredge website. Coloredge is a leading graphics company that specializes in visual communications, working with companies such as Apple, Coca Cola, Disney, Nike, and BBDO. The project had a variety of aspects that made it more challenging than usual–designing for responsive development, taking multiple sub-levels into consideration, […]

Restaurant Web Site Menus: The Good, Bad, and Ugly

At a bare minimum, a restaurant web site needs to convey 3 things: the restaurant’s contact number, the restaurant’s address,  and the restaurant’s menus. For the most part, phone numbers and addresses are  simple enough to convey as text. Menus, not so much. There are a few ways of displaying menus correctly (and incorrectly). Lets go […]

Great Restaurant Websites > Great Restaurant Apps

A lot of restaurant owners think that the best way to engage with their mobile customers is through a mobile app. In reality however, a mobile website that works well across devices is actually a better solution. Why? Because great restaurant websites make information much more accessible and are much friendlier on mobile users’ eyes. Availability […]

Webdesign Trends to be Aware of in 2013

Webdesign trends can be hard to keep track of simply because they change so fast.  To help you keep abreast of changes, here are some exciting new trends that sites are using more and more: Responsive Web Design: In the past, most websites just had a version for desktop computers. Then with the advent of […]

Speed up Your Restaurant Website

Great restaurant websites load fast. A speedy website prevents visitors from getting frustrated and leaving your website. And when slowdowns happen frequently, users will less likely to come back. Restaurants need speedy websites so that visitors can easily find menus and important information. So how can a website be optimized for both desktop and mobile devices? […]

Why Flash is Bad for Your Website

How many times have you visited a website, and encountered the following words? “Please update your Flash player.” Let’s just say that sometimes it throws me into a blinding rage. Flash was once very popular on the internet years ago, but now it can be frustrating for many users. Below are some reasons why Flash has […]

How Twitter Got Started …

Found this old email here. Amazing to see Twitter’s early days of planning and execution. This is an email from co-founder Jack Dorsey to Noah Glass which spurred  the 8 day initial development of Twitter. See what the interface looked like in its first weeks as well below. (pre Middle East revolutions). From: jack Date: […]