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5 Restaurant Trends for Summer 2015

Summer is right around the corner, and we’ve compiled a list of the 5 hottest trends this season for your business. Trend #1: Get Local, Get Seasonal Think greener, healthier, fresher. Customers want locally-sourced, farm-fresh ingredients at fair prices; eat (organic, may we add!) oranges in the winter, and watermelon in summer. Look around for […]

How Wi-Fi Can Grow Your Local Business

What do the iPhone 5S, Samsung Galaxy, Nexus 5 and HTC One all have in common?  At some point soon, hopefully today, a person will walk into your business with one in their pocket.  Fortunately for businesses with physical locations, each of those smartphones represents an endless stream of valuable consumer data and psychographic information. […]

Restaurant Choice & Consumer Behavior: What Motivates Your Customer

Consumer behavior can be a broad and complicated topic, but researchers have done some excellent work specific to the restaurant industry. Much of this work revolves around answering: “How do customers choose a restaurant?” It’s a question that every restaurateur or manager should be asking. Here are some highlights from prior research, plus implications for your […]

5 Holiday Marketing Tips to Bring more Business into your Restaurant

The holidays can be a lot of fun, but they can also be a business challenge. This is the time of year when the arena is most competitive, when the most business is up for grabs, when spending reaches a fever pitch. The nice thing about it is that the season and the way it […]

Creative New Technologies in Foodservice: Two Examples

Last week, I saw an omniscient waterfall, a self-driving car, and a bar-tending arcade cabinet. These were some of the technological wonders shared at Four A’s Create Tech conference. Such marvels came largely from in-house R&D labs or sizable marketing budgets – luxuries not often available to restaurateurs. Nevertheless, creative technology is gradually finding its […]

Restaurant Marketing Tips inspired by CreateTech 2013

The restaurant business being described as “highly competitive” is surely an understatement due to the diverse choices from which to make dining decisions.  That’s why we stress the importance of innovating and adopting ongoing restaurant marketing initiatives to differentiate from competitors.  Other industry leaders agree that it takes fearlessness when using creativity and technology in marketing.  […]

How to market a restaurant: 3 Sites you NEED to be on

There is no clear cut answer to the question of ‘how to market a restaurant?’ but there is a clear cut answer to ‘what 3 websites does my restaurant need to be on?’ to get more exposure: Opentable OpenTable can increse profits by helping you seat more diners, take more reservations, and turn casual customers […]

Restaurant Branding: From Physical to Digital

If you’re just starting to increase your restaurant’s online presence, one big thing to remember is maintaining consistency in your restaurant branding. Your business should have a consistent look both online and offline. This communicates to customers that you have an attention for detail, care about the restaurant’s branding, and want customers to immediately recognize the restaurant […]

How to Market a Restaurant: Discovering New Restaurants

How do customers discover new restaurants?  Most marketing firms will tell you that everyone is on Facebook or Twitter (in general, they are) but the reality is that there are a multitude of other ways consumers expand their pallets and it never hurts to cover as many bases as you can when thinking about how to […]

How to Market a Restaurant: Setting up Google Places

Whether you’re a big, well established restaurant or a small mom & pop place just starting out, reaching out to your neighbors can always help business. These are the potential customers down the block who are looking for that go-to local spot when a Wednesday night calls for a spontaneous dinner outing. This could be […]

Top Restaurant Websites Offer Online Ordering

Top restaurant websites always offer customers the option of ordering online. Why? Imagine this: You’ve really got a hankering for your favorite lunch from your favorite restaurant. Your mouth is watering just thinking about it. You picture yourself taking that first bite and savoring every minute of it. But it’s really raining/snowing/windy/hot/cold outside so screw […]

How to Market a Restaurant: Coupon Marketing

When you think about how to market a restaurant, “coupons” are usually one of the first things that come to mind. Coupons can bring in new customers, encourage repeat business from old customers, and provide valuable insights into consumer behavior. But, as with all things, there’s a right way and a wrong way to use […]

Restaurant Web Site Menus: The Good, Bad, and Ugly

At a bare minimum, a restaurant web site needs to convey 3 things: the restaurant’s contact number, the restaurant’s address,  and the restaurant’s menus. For the most part, phone numbers and addresses are  simple enough to convey as text. Menus, not so much. There are a few ways of displaying menus correctly (and incorrectly). Lets go […]

Great Restaurant Websites > Great Restaurant Apps

A lot of restaurant owners think that the best way to engage with their mobile customers is through a mobile app. In reality however, a mobile website that works well across devices is actually a better solution. Why? Because great restaurant websites make information much more accessible and are much friendlier on mobile users’ eyes. Availability […]

How to Market a Restaurant: Facebook Don’ts

For most restaurants, Facebook is an integral part of their social marketing strategy. (We’ve discussed before why Facebook is an important tool when it comes to how to market a restaurant.) However, Facebook is also one of the easiest platforms via which to make a mistake you can’t recover from. How do you avoid such […]

Five Graphic Design Items Your New Restaurant Needs

Opening a new restaurant is hard. Knowing how to market a new restaurant is even harder. In general, a good place to start once you’ve solidified your business plan and done your branding research, is to address your graphic design needs.  Start with: A Logo Every restaurant should have one – it lets customers recognize the […]

Why no One Visits Restaurant Websites That Play Music

Imagine this: Your favorite customer is sitting at work listening to music as a means of maintaining sanity through the day. A friend calls and asks her to organize an outing for the evening. Being your favorite customer ™, she immediately googles your restaurant name. Then suddenly, without warning, MUSIC begins BLASTING. Music that clashes […]

Speed up Your Restaurant Website

Great restaurant websites load fast. A speedy website prevents visitors from getting frustrated and leaving your website. And when slowdowns happen frequently, users will less likely to come back. Restaurants need speedy websites so that visitors can easily find menus and important information. So how can a website be optimized for both desktop and mobile devices? […]

Restaurant Websites That Play Nice With Your Mobile Device

It’s crucial for a restaurant to have a presence on the web, and more importantly, smartphone access. By the end of 2013, it is predicted that there will be 1.4 billion smartphones active around the world. It’s essential for restaurant websites to be mobile-friendly so that customers can browse menus, photos, and find their information […]

Great Restaurant Websites NEVER use Flash. EVER

There are no hard and fast rules for building great restaurant websites. Like most coding endeavors, it’s as much art as science. That said, there are definitely “thou shalt not”s. (For example, thou shalt not create a website where I can’t actually locate the menu.) Chief amongst my own personal thou-shalt-nots (and thus TVI thou-shalt-nots) is that you should […]

Why Spend $4 MILLION on One Lousy Ad?

In 2012, nearly fifty percent of Americans in the country’s top fifty-six media markets sat down to watch Superbowl XLVI. Brands who placed advertisements that year paid an average of $3.8 million for each 30-second slot, with SodaStream spending a reported 25% of their annual US advertising budget on their SuperBowl campaign. All of which begs […]

Turn Your Restaurant Week Customers into Regulars

NYC Restaurant Week starts this Tuesday and many New Yorkers will be taking advantage of prix–fixe menus to try new restaurants. But how many of your Restaurant Week customers convert into repeat customers? At TVI we suggest the following best practices to keep your Restaurant Week customers coming back: NYC (winter) Restaurant Week runs January […]

Johnny Rockets Website Critique – Part 1 of 2

I love Johnny Rockets. I’ve always enjoyed the experience of going into a their restaurants and the design elements in them. I wish I could say the same about the Johnny Rockets website. You’d think a chain as successful as Johnny Rockets would care to make the online experience  just as fun and engaging as […]