TVI’s internships are exciting, challenging, and will give you real-world experience to advance your career in the world of startups, technology and digital marketing. Each will bring you into daily contact with both junior and senior members of our team, as well as clients. You won’t be fetching coffees and stuffing envelopes. You’ll be trained, challenged and motivated to grow as a professional faster than you ever thought possible.

Why You Should Apply


  • With all the different types of responsibilities I was given, I had a varying set of challenges during my internship that not only made each day different and interesting but also allowed me to see what activities I really enjoyed the most. Plus I got a full time job offer at the end!

    Matt Cassara - Marketing - 2013

  • TVI is by far the most stimulating internship I’ve been a part of. Knowing that your ideas may alter the course of a company is a frightening, but exhilarating thought. Luckily, it's an experience that I’ll cherish for the foreseeable future.

    Daniel Adeleye - Business Development - 2013

  • This internship has allowed me to fully utilize what I’ve learnt in Business School and translate those theories into application. I was given the opportunity to test and voice out any ideas I have and was given comprehensive training.

    Ly Lyn Teh - Business Development - 2013

  • Everything you could want in an internship! There are so many opportunities for development - I emerged from the internship smarter, more skilled, and more professionally confident. And if you're familiar with TVI, you also know that the people are amazing, the management is superb, the office is cool, and the events are a blast. Thank you TVI!

    Nicholas Manluccia - Marketing - 2013

  • Great "real digital agency experience"! TVI gives its interns the opportunity to be independent, take responsibility for executing real campaigns and get an in-depth understanding of the work of other departments. My internship at TVI was an opportunity to experience the world of digital agencies. The working environment is extremely friendly and constructive. And yes, if you are talented and creative the opportunities can be endless! Thank you guys!

    Irina Vasileva - Business Development - 2013

  • At TVI, I worked with such creative and inspiring people. They taught me how to lead a team and how to collaborate with other members. Everyone at TVI invested so much energy into their work, but they also knew how to have a really good time!

    Carissa L Chan - Business Development - 2014

  • If you're part of the TVI team, you'll be surrounded by talents and professionals who are always willing to help one another improve and achieve great success. In this internship program, you'll have detailed direction, effective evaluation, and appealing work environment.

    Bingo Peixin Li - Business Development - 2014

  • My experience with TVI was both an invaluable and unforgettable one. I was able to gain experience through not only working on, but also leading projects for real clients, with amazing people, all while being on a schedule that was right for me!

    Jordan Ji - Business Development - 2014

Types of Internships



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  • As a Technologist you have the most fun “job” of all because you’re selected to play and build ideas in our innovation lab. You won’t be fetching coffees but will be expected to work regular hours Monday – Friday, 10am – 7pm. Not only will you get diverse exposure to all disciplines, but you’ll get the design and strategic support you may need to build and launch your own product.
  • Work with members of all disciplines
  • Prototype, prototype, prototype products that connect digitally with the world
  • Multi-task constantly, working on many projects
  • Take part in our regular innovation workshops and playful brainstorms
  • $400/week


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  • As a Digital Marketing Intern you'll be exposed to strategy, production and analytics and expected to do some of each. How do we plan integrated digital campaigns? How do we measure our performance? How do we get those deep insights that generate the best solutions? Apply and find out! Like all our interns you won’t be fetching coffees but will be expected to work regular hours Monday – Friday, 10am – 7pm.
  • Help clients better understand consumers and how to connect with them across markets and channels, using data and analytics.
  • Design and deliver marketing campaigns targeting consumers, using the latest technologies to increase awareness, engagement, and sales.
  • Conduct market research on consumer markets.
  • Contribute to setting up company processes and systems to improve client reporting and data analysis.
  • Optimize marketing processes in order to maximize the opportunities of data, analytics and marketing outcomes.
  • Respond to client inquiries and requests for strategic input
  • Collaborate with production team to turn campaign ideas into deliverables.
  • Attend training classes and implement new ideas.
  • $400/week
Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing

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  • Our sales interns, or Business Development Reps, gain first hand experience in outbound sales. From market sizing, to prospecting and learning how to handle objections and close the deal, you'll come out of the internship confident with skills that will last you a life time. Like all our interns you won’t be stuffing envelopes but will be expected to work regular hours Monday – Friday, 10am – 7pm.
  • Attend 2 weeks of hands on training and workshops
  • Set appointment with sales targets
  • Perform due diligence analysis and marketing research on B2B, B2C markets
  • Present findings to senior management
  • Assist in developing and managing relationships with key strategic partners/clients
  • Contribute to setting up company processes and systems
  • Manage prospect list acquisition, cleaning and updates of company CRM data
  • $200/week + % sales commissions on any deals your team closes within 6 months. (Don't worry you won't be closing deals in your internship and you can even make money after your internship ends)
  • We also offer non paid, part time, remote internships that are more flexible to meet your education schedule and put you in line for a full time internship.
Design / UX

Design / UX

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  • Intern Designers gain experience in graphic, web and UX design. From wireframing to Photoshop and Illustrator designs, you'll learn best practices and tools necessary to take your design skills to the next level. We typically hire design interns to turn the internship into a full time position within 3-6 months so you've got to have some chops! Like all our interns you won’t be stuffing envelopes but will be expected to work regular hours Monday – Friday, 10am – 7pm.
  • Produce web/graphic design concepts for various clients.
  • Work with senior designers on client and internal projects.
  • Manipulate and optimize photos, graphics, and other images for web.
  • Manage website updates and front end development (HTML, CSS) for existing clients and new projects.
  • Attend training classes and implementing new ideas.
  • $400/week


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  • Our Intern Analysts love numbers and data visualization. You are analytically trained, and detail orientated with a backgroud in Statistics, Economics, Mathematics, or Engineering. You'll learn how to use Google Analytics and other tools to measure everything that needs measuring and optimizing. From campaign analysis, to UX performance, SEO and market analysis, you'll support various projects and work closely with the Strategy and Production teams to develop key insights, reports and optimizations. You'll be expected to work regular hours Monday – Friday, 10am – 7pm.
  • Attend training classes and workshops
  • Develop digital marketing metrics, goals and KPI’s
  • Create innovative solutions to meet account reporting needs
  • Gain experience in analytics tools such as Google Analytics, MOZ and Optimizely
  • $400/week
Account Management

Account Management

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  • Our Account Management Coordinators learn the ins and outs of account and project management. You'll get a holistic view of our core multidisciplinary team and be involved in everything from web design, marketing campaigns and ideas coming out of our innovation labs. Any project that comes through TVI and needs execution (we have a lot!) you will likely touch in some way. By the end of the internship you should be able to full manage a project from beginning to end with a client. You'll be expected to work regular hours Monday – Friday, 10am – 7pm.
  • Respond to daily client requests for graphic design, website development, and online marketing solutions.
  • Educate clients on new TVI services through direct contact and email marketing newsletters.
  • Gain basic technical understanding of HTML, CSS and other web development technologies.
  • $400/week