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Why Emotional Branding Works

Emotional branding and messaging are terms you’ve probably been hearing for a while. However, you may be having trouble understanding why it works or why it’s become a marketing industry must. Understanding why emotional branding is effective can help you do it even better, so here are some reasons why it’s the way to go.

The old paradigm THINK – DO – FEEL has shifted towards FEEL – DO – THINK. That’s right, people are now making more decisions based on what they feel. This does not mean that there is no thought process put into any decision or purchase, but more decisions are being based on emotion. Feelings have acquired more importance.

In a time where consumers have so much information available and are bombarded with invasive messages all day it’s those that strike emotion, in whatever way or form, that people actually remember. When a brand makes you feel something, the chances that you’ll want to know or get more of that increases.

Also, with the overload of information, attention spans are getting shorter, especially for the millennial generation. Therefore, to make an impression, brands must make an impact on what will be remembered: feelings. An image, very short video, phrase, sound, whatever the resource chosen, it must appeal towards emotion in order to get noticed.

There’s a famous quote from Maya Angelou that could not better illustrate this last point, it says:

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget what you made them feel.”

So don’t just work on emotional branding and messaging because it’s a “trend”, work on it to reach consumers in a way that will connect them with your brand and business. Strive to make people feel happier and better because it’s the only way they are going to remember you at all. Speak to the heart.

Here are some examples of brands that are doing this accurately, check them out:

Knorr: Flavor of home
Dove: Choose Beautiful
Apple: Dreams

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