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A lot of restaurant owners think that the best way to engage with their mobile customers is through a mobile app. In reality however, a mobile website that works well across devices is actually a better solution. Why? Because great restaurant websites make information much more accessible and are much friendlier on mobile users’ eyes.


As long as your customer has a data connection, they’re only a click or a google search away from your website. Access is easy, immediate, and available via any search engine.

In contrast, a dedicated app, requires a user to go to the device’s app store, find the application, enter their password, and then wait for it to download in full before it can be used. Apps can also be accidentally deleted (and would then have to be downloaded/synced to the phone again) and require constant updates.


A website that has been developed to work on multiple devices and thoroughly tested  can be accessed on any device with a data connection. With apps, they must be developed for each specific device – that equals more time and money. Updates to a website would be visible immediately across all devices, but an app would require an update from the device owner before seeing changes or bug fixes.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A website with the proper keywords will improve its ranking in search engines such as Google and Bing. They can be searched for in a variety of directories, as well as linked to in social media and other means of sharing. However an App’s visibility is limited by its ranking in its respective device store.

That said, apps are more strategic

Apps do have their advantages depending on the type of functionality they provide. Apps make sense if it’s a downloadable game, some means of increasing productivity, or having important data readily available. For restaurants, especially local ones with smaller budgets, it makes more sense to have a well-developed mobile website that can be maintained easily with a Content Management System, instead of spending money to develop and app for multiple platforms.


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