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How to create a great cover letter

Keisha Stephen-Gittens is awesome. So is Nick. They belong here.

We met Keisha at the 2013 NYU fall career fair and immediately took a liking to her. She had a very friendly disposition, some experience under her belt, and demonstrated her passion for the digital marketing world. We invited her in for an interview quickly after we received her cover letter. What made hers different? Well first of all she actually put together a cover letter and in that letter she referenced what we did at the career fair and the names of our folks who attended. It was a personal letter and it said to us “she actually cares”. She then went on to clearly state her experience, skills and career interests and how it all tied to the specific position she was applying for. She followed this format and showed us how to create a great cover letter …

Our recommended format for a great cover letter

  1. Get the reader’s attention with something personal or that shows you’ve done some homework on the company.
  2. Express the position you’re interested in.
  3. Communicate some relevant highlights of your skills and experience.
  4. Wrap it all up with a closing sentence or two to show your enthusiasm for an interview.
  5. Avoid any typos. This is just a sign of lack of attention to detail which no good employer wants.

The cover letter gets you the interview. Keisha then handled the interview with poise and great communication. She knew what she was good at and where she wanted to develop herself further. It all aligned with the position she was applying for.

I’m excited to have Keisha join us at TVI and look forward to seeing what we can do together.

Welcome Keisha!

– The guy with the big hat

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  1. Keisha SG says:

    Happy to be here TVI Team!!!