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Nick Manluccia is awesome. So is Keisha. They belong here.

Out of the hundreds of students we met two weeks ago at a career fair he was the only one that truly stood out. He had done his research, he had strategically targeted a few companies, and he had gotten creative by making his resume look and feel different than all the others. He was the only student to actually come to a career fair with a personalized cover letter that showed he had done his homework about TVI. He did what he needed to do to get the interview and that should be the only goal at a career fair – unless you’re just casually browsing to figure out what company you want to target next time.

Then he aced the interview. He didn’t ramble and answer questions with long winded answers that didn’t address the question. If he didn’t know the answer he was candid and expressed his eagerness to learn what he didn’t know. He asked intelligent questions and showed a natural curiosity to learn about the position and about us. This is something that we value very highly. While Nick may still lack the experience and skills to reach his true potential, he possesses the attitude and personality that are a sure ingredient for success. This is how you do well in an interview and the kind of people we love to work with at TVI.

But wait. Then he took things to another level! He loves to cook and so do we. He shared one of his passions with us the next day by going above and beyond to hand deliver a home cooked meal to the office – while we were interviewing other candidates!! Just in case there was another candidate that we were considering, why not make the extra effort to say “I’m different”? It was brilliant! He brought his experience from hospitality to help him secure a position in digital marketing. It showed he had read some of our blog posts on our internships page.

I don’t know if Nick is more excited for this internship or I am. Either way, he is a great example to other students, to anybody in fact, on how to get an internship you really want. Hopefully this isn’t just any other internship for you Nick, but a beginning.

Without getting my expectations too high, I can’t wait to see what Nick can do in 3 months, let alone 3 hours of knowing him.

Welcome Nick! You did well. Real well!

2 Responses

  1. Cathy says:

    I’m not even a little surprised!

  2. Sunny Xing says:

    Really brilliant and inspired! BTW I really like cooking and hope I could get the chance to learn from each other,haha!