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How to Market a Restaurant: Facebook Don’ts

For most restaurants, Facebook is an integral part of their social marketing strategy. (We’ve discussed before why Facebook is an important tool when it comes to how to market a restaurant.) However, Facebook is also one of the easiest platforms via which to make a mistake you can’t recover from.

How do you avoid such mistakes?

1. Don’t manage your Facebook in house.

Restaurant owners and chefs sometimes react strongly and take it personally when customers attack their restaurants on Facebook. Having access to accounts in house, makes it easy to react emotionally rather than logically. This reaction can cause long term damage to your business and your brand because social media mistakes are frequently amplified around the world and archived online in such a way that when a customer searches for you on Google, the first thing they’ll find.

2. Don’t post anything negative on Facebook.

Many people use their personal social media accounts to vent anger, call out bad behavior, and argue with opinions and stances they don’t agree with. Unfortunately, this kind of behavior on a company Facebook can lead to public relations disasters and the kind of publicity most people would rather avoid and cause you to lose customers. Keep the messaging on your Facebook upbeat, positive, and reflective of your business image.

3. Don’t let your Facebook page get out of date.

This seems obvious but it’s one of the most commonly made Facebook mistakes. Try to update your Facebook page at least twice a month and make sure that hours, address, and photos are always current. If a Facebook page contains any inaccurate information you will confuse your customers. If a Facebook page is out of date, you will turn off customers who might question if perhaps the restaurant is no longer in operation.

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