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TVI : Instagram for Restaurants and How It’s Heating Up!

Instagram for Restaurants and How It’s Heating Up!

Instagram for restaurants is definitely heating up in the social network world. How often are you out and about in today’s world and see people taking pictures with their smart phones, of their pets, cars, social lives, and of course, FOOD! With the exponential popularity of social media, and more recently showcasing one’s life through visual imagery instead of text updates, restaurants have begun adopting methods on how to benefit from the use of social media networks to promote their business, with one of the successful newcomers being Instagram.

If you have an Instagram account for your restaurant then by now you are used to seeing a plethora of what is known as “food porn” aka awesome photos of food and tons of them. In today’s smart phone environment, using Instagram for restaurants has never been easier, especially when people have become accustomed to whipping out their cell phones and snapping pictures of greasy burgers, lattes, and decadently plated dishes.

Instagram for Restaurants: How to do it

So now you have your account and want to know how to utilize Instagram for restaurants. Its pretty straight forward, since your content will be visual rather then generating copy. Here are a few simple uses for Instagram!

  • Post photos of daily specials
  • Showcase patrons enjoying their food
  • Share images of the chef in action
  • Share photos of fresh ingredients

How can Instagram for restaurants be utilized with this new found obsession with taking photos of food and showcasing it to their friends? Comodo, a Latin American restaurant in the neighborhood of Soho in New York City is a great example of a restaurant using Instragram effectively. Guests are simply asked to take photos of their meal and upload them to Instagram utilizing the restaurants hash tag #comodomenu. Comodo has created a virtual menu using 600 photos taking exclusively by guests and has received over 100,000 views of its You Tube video as a result. Before guests order their food, they can view Comodo’s offering quickly by viewing their Instagram profile. Simple, right? Well thats exactly the point when using Instagram for restaurants.

Instagram for Restaurants: How to measure ROI?

Now what about analytics? How can you see some numbers to prove that Instagram for restaurants is worth your time and effort? Statigram!

Statigram has many features that will assist you in analyzing your Instragram campaign, including the ability to:

  • View account statistics – how many likes, monitor follower growth
  • Determine the types of images your followers tend to gravitate toward
  • Monitor #hashtags & search out company mentions
  • Add an Instagram button to your website
  • Add a “follow us on Instagram” button to your blog

Instagram for Restaurants: Boiling it Down

With the rising popularity of using Instagram for restaurants and its ability to allow users to come together through the use of visuals, the possibilities are endless. As a restaurant owner, you have the ability to show off the menu changes, ingredients, staff, and dining space, to create curiosity and engagement amongst your guests. With Instagram for restaurants this is only the beginning, get on board now and start utilizing it and reap the benefits, this social media platform is here to stay.

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