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TVI Blog: Is a short domain name a competitive advantage?

Is a short domain name a competitive advantage?

I’ve heard both sides of the debate that a short domain name isn’t as valuable as a brand or the product, and that it’s not a real competitive advantage. Well if I were debating that I would say that’s bullocks. Ok I admit, I’m not a great debater. That’s all I got. But I know where I stand.

If a competitive advantage is an advantage one company has over another, whereby the competition will have substantial challenge overcoming, then Noo has that on Google Local Business. It may not be the jackpot of all of competitive advantages but on search, it helps.

Below is a great example of how a short domain name can shine. Yay Noo!



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  1. J. Slade says:

    That’s pretty impressive.. Shine on Noo!