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Pick a Great Color Palette With These Free Design Tools

Every designer needs to consider color when designing for print or web (unless it’s black and white, of course). A clean and cohesive color palette is what gives a design uniformity and distinct style. Here are some great free design tools that should be bookmarked on every designer’s browser.

Adobe Kuler

Adobe Kuler is a wonderful tool for creating and browsing color palettes. If you sign in with your Adobe ID (it’s free), swatches can also be saved as well as exported to various programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator. The only downside to Kuler is that the website is entirely flash. Sorry iOS users, if you’re on the go, you’re out of luck.

Color Scheme Designer

Color Scheme Designer easily lets users create harmonious and unified color schemes. It allows users to create color palettes based on up to four colors, as well as other variations, and it’s completely free. There is also support for Pantone Colors as well. You can also save schemes by copying the scheme id url.

DeGraeve Color Palette Generator

Now this nifty little tool is fantastic if you need a palette on the fly from an image. Just paste in the url and -BOOM- you have a set of colors! It works best with images with fairly small to medium dimensions (800px or less).


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