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TVI : Rating the Superbowl Logos in Honor Of Superbowl XLVII

Rating the Superbowl Logos in Honor Of Superbowl XLVII

When it comes to positioning a brand, few have been as successful as the NFL. Each year, the Superbowl is watched by millions of people, and has an increasingly larger following around the world.  Each Superbowl has it’s own unique logo and it’s really interesting to see how every logo since 1966 has evolved in terms of design, color, and attention to detail.

For the least liked logo, I would pick the very first one, but that’s not fair since it was only the first Superbowl. To me it barely even reaches logo status — it doesn’t represent more than the words in the title, so I’ll give that one a free pass.
My least favorite one definitely goes to — drum roll — Superbowl XII. Let’s be honest here, the colors are pretty blinding. This color scheme reminds me of Barbie dolls or for some reason, Miami. Or a flailing inflatable tube man. While yes, it did take place in New Orleans, and many people associate the city with Mardi Gras and fun colors, it doesn’t even make me think of a football game. You can barely even read the roman numerals in it’s 3D-yellow-green-waviness. The yellow, purple, and white work well together, but definitely do not play nice with the red outline and the green accent. Again, this is the 70’s, so this type of logo wasn’t entirely unusual, but it’s still pretty terrible.

So, now for my top pick… — drum roll — Superbowl XLIII. Definitely my favorite. It’s clean, bold, symmetrical, and has the illusion of depth. The colors are bold — it only uses blue, green, red, and a white background/accent. It doesn’t just read Superbowl, but also immediately makes you realize it’s sports related. The two different stars represent the two divisions and you even have a slight perspective of the field looking down at one endzone. I wouldn’t do anything to improve it.

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