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Rebranding Your Business TVI Designs Action Plan

Rebranding Your Business. Here’s How:

Once you’ve come to terms with why your business needs to rebrand and decided who you want to rebrand as, you have to keep going and do the hard the work of actually rebranding.

First, decide what specifically needs to change.

This is one of the hardest things to do because it’s the part where you have to let go of some of the things you love in order to move forward. You’ve already identified the key issues with your existing brand but you need to translate those issues into concrete changes.  Do you need to repackage? Do you need to streamline your product and service offerings? Do you need change your mission, vision, values, goals, and messaging? How much will these changes cost and how quickly do they need to happen?

This is about more than just cosmetic changes like a snazzy new logo, it’s about identifying real improvements.

Next, create a plan of action.

Put pen to paper, (or fingers to keyboard), and actually write down each and every action that needs to be taken and who on your team will be taking that action. Then set solid deadlines. Have you done all the research that you need to by this point? Is everyone on the same page and on board with the changes? Make sure that you come back to this action plan as you move forward and that you adjust the plan as needed.  Keep an eye on what does and doesn’t work and make sure everyone feels comfortable voicing objections and concerns.

Last, its imperative to ensure that everyone communicates effectively.

It’s important to communicate who you’re going to be. At every step along the way, make sure your internal team knows who you are as a business. Then, make sure you’re telling your story effectively to those outside your organization. Is your business all about the casual monday morning meeting? The tweet? The youtube video? Or something more staid like a company wide memo?

Change is hard, getting people to buy into a new concept is even harder. In order to get that level of commitment you need to successfully rebrand, you have to focus on communicating effectively.

Communicating effectively also means creating an atmosphere where everyone is comfortable acknowledging mistakes and correcting for them. (And you will make mistakes in this process.) The faster your team learns to embrace failure, the closer you get to success.

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