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Rejected: A TVI Redesign That Didn’t Make the Cut

Internally, a major focus of the TVI site redesign was to maximize usability by minimizing useless and forgettable content. While our final design accomplished this admirably, many of the concepts we drew up along the way didn’t.  The following is an initial design for the blog section that we ultimately discarded.  Why? Well let’s start with the masthead:


While redesigning, we wanted to break away and get as far from the previous version of the site as possible. While this version was an improvement, it still lacked a unique feel. We’ve seen it 1,000 times before. Static navigation, static header image. There was nothing really “fun” or interesting about it aside from the artistic image. The navigation also looked like an evil version of the Apple nav bar and was limiting from a creative stand point. It gave an initial heavy feeling and brought the dark scheme back from the previous site. (Plus, RSS to email, do you know what it means? Since an average user wouldn’t, it made no sense to feature it.) Thus, the masthead of this redesign was scrapped. RIP masthead.


The second section, immediately following the masthead, was a featured post free white paper. While the featured post would be bigger than the rest of the blog stories in this design, it wasn’t right at the top as it should have been. Plus, the white paper offer was both gimmicky and  less than exciting.  Would you want a marketing report from a company that seemed gimmicky and hadn’t yet proved their value to you?  Probably not. Scrapped and gone.


The thumbnail post teasers actually made it to the final design, but this version didn’t fit our brand identity.  Plus, the colors were still too heavy. The teasers were designed as blocks for easy sorting and easy browsing. No more are the days of scrolling and scrolling to find a post that peaks your fancy. All right there, all easily accessible.(The monkey with a pink phone will be coming to the office July 2013.)


And last we come to the footer … possibly the worst idea we had. This footer included BOTH the free marketing report AND the enigma that is Rss to email. The only somewhat redeeming factor was the contact us form but it was both all the way at the bottom and buried between the other two. Contacting us should be easier than that, and it shouldn’t be nearly that boring.

Designing (or redesigning) a site can mean going through many revisions to get to a great end product.  It’s only after many revisions that you’ll find what works best. Though this particular version was bad, it helped us define what we didn’t want and it led us to the final look and structure of the site.

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