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Restaurant Branding: From Physical to Digital

If you’re just starting to increase your restaurant’s online presence, one big thing to remember is maintaining consistency in your restaurant branding. Your business should have a consistent look both online and offline. This communicates to customers that you have an attention for detail, care about the restaurant’s branding, and want customers to immediately recognize the restaurant without even having to set foot on the property. So what items are critical for this consistent experience?


Your website should be an extension of the physical business. An appendage, if you will. The interior design and atmosphere should also be reflected on the overall design feel through either photography or elements of the design. Since an ever–increasing number of users are relying on their mobile devices to look up businesses and their information, it is well worth the effort to keep the restaurant’s website up-to-date and user-friendly as well.


It is completely understandable that many business owners do not have time to manage social media accounts for a business. They’re too busy managing workers, the business, and tending to customers. However, if the business takes a bit of time to set up their social media accounts (or at least a public Facebook page), it shows that the business wants to connect with customers. Make sure that a Facebook page has a clear profile picture (not a blurry/pixelated logo) and a unique timeline photo that shows off the restaurant. The same goes for a Twitter account. If it means finding a freelancer who can customize the accounts (It’s that time of year–I’m sure a recent college grad out of design school wouldn’t mind some extra change in his or her pocket!), go for it.

Having an overall, consistent brand from the physical restaurant to its digital presence ties the business together and encourages trust between the business and the customers.

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