Consumers are looking to connect with your brand.

TVI makes sure you don’t miss that connection.

We will create a brand that is flexible, social, and most importantly – credible. By combining years of strategic experience with innovation and focus, we will build an influential and integrated brand experience based on your business needs and objectives. TVI will prepare your branding to accommodate market trends and equip you with the assets you need in order to thrive in a consumer-controlled environment.

Market Research

Before we hunt, we gather. Because you can’t do anything right unless you have the right information. That’s why TVI starts with addressing your company and the needs of your customers in order to gain full awareness and understanding of the gaps in the relationship between the two. We’ll investigate the relationship between the emotional aspects of your brand and how the brand is seen by your customers and potential customers. The information collected during this process will provide us with all the pieces we need to complete the puzzle.


Picking a name is a daunting task. Picking a name that effectively and concisely communicates the meaning behind your brand or product, even more so. You need a name that effectively conveys your unique value proposition and the nature of your service or product. We will breed a name that is rooted locally but can grow effortlessly as you grow your business. We understand the substantial impact the name will have on how your services are perceived.

Identity Design

It’s important to understand that identity design is not your brand, and your brand is not your identity design. Your identity is represented by the visual aspects that form part of the overall brand. We know how to create an identity that stands out and is strong enough to support the brand as a whole. Whether we are given strict guidelines or creative freedom, we will confidently craft an identity that can easily be applied throughout a variety of channels.

Audio & Motion | Brand Guidelines

  • Hill Country Golf & Guitar Video

    Audio and motion are media to be reckoned with. Video has seen up to 400% increase in conversion rates and has shown a significant boost in user engagement. With video, the experience is immediate. The viewer’s emotional response comes before the full appraisal of the content or even the actual comprehension of the meaning itself. What does this mean exactly? Impact. TVI possesses all the right resources to deliver an influential and captivating audio or video experience to your customers.

  • TVI: Branding

    Your customers will be influenced by your writing style and presentation. The way you communicate is crucial to how you are perceived as a brand. It is our job to make sure your voice is not only heard, but that it is a voice your customers want to hear. We will design the appropriate guidelines for your brand to help you be consistent across all channels. Our brand guidelines include fonts, spacing, tone of voice, copywriting, imagery, colors, and layouts.

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