Connecting your business to the people who matter.

How? Simple: we take the time to get to know your target audience.

We figure out where they spend time, who they spend it with, and how they are most likely to behave. Once we know what they are interested in and how they prefer to interact with brands, we drive them back to the channels that matter most to you.

Social Media Marketing

Whether you are well versed in the world of social media or if you need us to give you a crash course on what all the kids are up to these days – we’ve got your social skills covered. As social media platforms come out with increasingly more useful tools for brands and businesses, there’s a wide range of opportunities to explore and leverage. From campaign building to translating the slang, trust us when we say: we know what will work for you.

Email Marketing

Email marketing presents dynamic opportunities for showing your best side to your customer. At TVI, we will help you tailor an email marketing strategy that will expand your sales conversation to a broader audience while building loyalty with your existing client base, ultimately leveraging your email content across multiple marketing channels.

Content Marketing

Your business won’t survive the 21st century without content marketing but many content marketing programs lack objectives and target audience specification. TVI will cover all the aspects needed to develop a successful content marketing strategy. We know how to keep the content creation process focused and how to  publish information where it needs to be seen.


  • TVI: Marketing SEO

    It takes time to create good SEO. You need valuable original content, well implemented on page optimization and a thoughtfully planned out link building campaign in order to rank well. Apart from achieving good rankings, you are also developing a solid site that your visitors like to visit and stay on. Bear in mind that it takes time to do well in search engine rankings, fortunately, TVI has both the experience as well as patience to get your name up there.


  • TVI Marketing Google Adwords

    SEM can get you instant qualified traffic to your web page. How much traffic is simply dependent on your budget. We know how to best utilize Google Adwords and Yahoo Overture so that you don’t end up you running the risk of burning through your marketing budget and having a low conversion rate to show for it.

Print Advertisements

In the digital age, it is easy to overlook not only the importance of, but the need for print ads. They have been discarded as an outdated form of communication, when they in fact are as relevant and powerful as ever. We believe that print ads offer some of the most creative forms of promotion in the world of advertising, and that concepts can easily travel into the digital world and thereby achieving a truly integrated brand experience.

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