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The Most Obnoxious Fonts in the World

There are some fonts that are so blatantly overused and misused that every time I see them, I just want to find the person who picked them, grab them by the shoulders, and ask “Why!?” Comic Sans and Papyrus are obviously guilty, and just about everyone will agree. However, there are a few others that I see everywhere and I can’t understand why anyone would use them. Here we go…

1. Curlz


I’m not sure why this is even a font. It’s tacky, ugly, and makes me dizzy. And when it’s only outlined, it’s barely readable. If you use this font, FOR ANYTHING, we cannot be friends. Overall obnoxiousness: 9.5/10.


2. Apple Chancery


If you’re looking for a fancy font, please don’t use this one. It has uneven heights and busy letterforms. The lines aren’t even graceful–the descenders and ascenders are redundant and extreme. The font calls attention to itself in the wrong way. Overall obnoxiousness: 7/10.


3. Algerian


This font should be hated as much as comic sans is. It might seem unique, classy, and balanced, but it’s not.  The partial outline makes my brain hurt. And unfortunately, it’s used everywhere from Bakeries, to Bars, to Men’s Bathroom labeling.  I’m pretty sure this font has some sort of identity crisis. Overall obnoxiousness? 9.5/10.

BONUS: Comic Sans find of the Day

I was watching Breaking Bad the other night and my eyes suddenly tweaked out from the sight of this (found this screenshot on the internets). The producers definitely did this on purpose.


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