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Top 5 Marketing Trends of 2013

Marketing is always a growing expenditure in a company as one expects business to grow every year however, it is sometimes difficult to allocate the right budget.  While companies are transitioning into 2014, we wanted to recap some of the winning marketing trends of 2013 to give you an idea of what to spend on this year!

Here are 5 marketing trends we noticed in 2013:

Branded Content

While many companies now have their own blogs and constantly produce content on social media channels, branded content is now in the spotlight.  Branded content as highlighted in the Ander-group’s blog is “content with intent to add value to customer and to build brand consideration, not to sell.” According to a survey by the Custom Content Council, branded content has a 37% share in marketing budgets in 2013.  Three main reasons for using branded content are to educate and retain customers, as well as to encourage brand loyalty.


In 2013  marketers spent more of their marketing budget on mobile.  No surprises there as the mobile industry continues to grow, according to Business Insider, “ One in every 5 people in the world owns a smartphone and one in every 16 owns a tablet.” May it be banner advertising, website or social media, it is vital that marketers ensure their content is reachable across multiple screens.

Social Media

Social media spend continues to increase.   This year though, what we have noticed is that while Facebook is still the major platform, other social media platforms like Google+ and Instagram are catching up. Besides, social media plays an increasing role in brand visibility and Search Engine Optimization.


Whilst still on the topic of social media, have you encountered any ads of any brand on Facebook just after you’ve clicked on their webpage?  This is a form of retargeting marketing, which seems to be trending in 2013 especially with social media channel. In October, Facebook launched a new retargeting tool that works with a tracking software that enables Facebook to show targeted ads to consumers who have viewed a specific website or mobile app. Twitter responded by launching their own retargeting program early December, 2013.

Analytics driven

Big data plays a big role in the marketing world today. With an enormous increase in amount of data that can be collected everyday, marketers have become more data driven. The problem however remains the same; it is sometimes hard to track marketing performance thus the increase in adoption rate for analytics.   As stated on E-nor.com, there was a 23.9 increase in adoption rate for Google Analytics in 2013 compared to 2012. It is now a trend for companies to focus more on analytics to ensure there is a positive return on investment with their marketing expenditure.

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  1. Sunny Xing says:

    Viral video is another trend in 2014 because it attracts more and more attention then TV commercial nowadays. And customers really enjoy the brilliant viral video and are wiling to share and talk about it even though it is for a certain brand.