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Top Restaurant Websites Offer Online Ordering

Top restaurant websites always offer customers the option of ordering online. Why?

Imagine this: You’ve really got a hankering for your favorite lunch from your favorite restaurant. Your mouth is watering just thinking about it. You picture yourself taking that first bite and savoring every minute of it. But it’s really raining/snowing/windy/hot/cold outside so screw that. You’re not going out there.

Yep, your customer? Is just *that* lazy.¬†They can’t make the effort to get up from their desks if the weather isn’t just right. (Or maybe they’re just too busy with all the TPS Reports they need to finish.) Whatever the reason, that’s where online ordering can help you get that business without the customer physically going to your restaurant. (Or you having to pay for a delivery person.)

If you don’t already offer your customers the option of ordering online, it’s definitely something to think about to drive more sales. There are a few options these days that will help bring your yummy food directly to your customers door.


Seamless is probably one of the better known online ordering websites. It has like 8 bazillion restaurants on there and is available in 40 cities across the country. It’s easy to use and has mobile apps for iPhone and Android operating systems. These lazy people don’t even have to be near a computer to summon food directly to their mouths!


Another biggie in the online ordering business. It’s got a more fun, cutesy look and feel to the website. Past orders are saved so the user can access them later making ordering next time even quicker. This also helps return business for your restaurant if ordering the same thing is just a click away. Ordering on the go is also an option here since GrubHub is available as an app.


Zuppler is an up and commer in the online ordering world. What makes them stand out from the rest with it’s fully customizable online menus. This means the customer doesn’t have to leave your website to order food. The menu and ordering system is contained on your website with your branding and colors, making it a seamless ordering experience. This system is easy for the customer to use, easy for you to update, and they even have POS partners that can send orders direct to POS systems.

There is usually a small fee to use any of these options, so do your research and figure out the best option for you.


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