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Stop playing music on your website

Why no One Visits Restaurant Websites That Play Music

Imagine this: Your favorite customer is sitting at work listening to music as a means of maintaining sanity through the day.

A friend calls and asks her to organize an outing for the evening. Being your favorite customer ™, she immediately googles your restaurant name. Then suddenly, without warning, MUSIC begins BLASTING. Music that clashes with what’s already playing, music that jars her. Her first instinct?  Is to make it STOP by leaving your site.

This scenario happens a lot with restaurant websites.

Once upon a time, it used to be cool to have Flash websites with lots of animated menus, pages that flew in, and the (now dreaded) music player. When the technology was new, it was impressive and contributed to the overall experience.  (I think we even used to suggest it. We’re sorry!) Unfortunately that isn’t true any more.

If you’re in the process of designing your restaurant website now and think, “Well that doesn’t apply to me. I have awesome taste in music and people will be pleasantly surprised by these snappy tunes!” you are WRONG.  Have you ever been happy about music (or even videos) automatically playing on any website? No. Need more proof? Google “restaurant websites with music” and see what comes up.  Almost all the results are talking about how bad/annoying/infuriating it is to have music automatically playing on your website. Hell, ask your customers. I bet they’ll tell you they hate it too.

A lot of restaurant website traffic is also coming from mobile phones nowadays. Imagine how annoying it is to be surfing while talking to someone on the phone and music starts playing. It’s hard to find the OFF button (hopefully there is an off button) while talking/surfing on your phone so most people will just leave the website. If they leave the website, they don’t show up at your restaurant later.

So please do everyone a favor and stop annoying your customers. DO NOT put music on your website. No one likes it.


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  1. saad says:

    Which websites play music… any example? please

  2. Geralynn says:

    Yo, that’s what’s up tryllfuthu.

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