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New York, New York
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As TVI’s first incubated business venture, Noo aimed to bring people together for unique New Year’s Eve parties. Through a few seasons we also leveraged the brand to raise money for charitable causes. A notable campaign was one that raised over $12,000 for charity: water. Further development of this first product was discontinued to focus on less seasonal products with potential for higher traction and impact.

Our services for Noo include:
  • Naming
  • Identity Design
  • Audio & Motion
  • Website Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Animation
  • Website Development

Charity: Water Animation

In 2012 Noo choose to raise money for a great cause and support charity: water. Proceeds raised were used to build charity: water’s fleet of drilling trucks that bring wells to villages in Africa. To show the progress of the money raised, TVI created an animation of the “noo guys” building the drilling truck as donations poured in before the clock struck 12 for New Year’s.

Launch Party Animated Invite

In 2008 Noo.com was launched with a new design. To celebrate, a 1920s themed Halloween party was held. TVI created an animated invite to collect RSVPs and get everyone in the mood for the party.