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Sometimes, You Just Have to Rebrand

Ever heard the one about how doctors’ wives die young and shoemakers’ kids go barefoot? Well, we suffered from a little bit of that here at TVI. As a creative agency, we put so much of our attention and effort into designing gorgeous sites for our clients that we neglected updates to our own website. This year, as part of an overall rebranding effort, we were finally forced to admit that our old website simply wasn’t good enough and that we could do better.  A LOT  better.

The first thing we did was to eliminate the oppressively dark color scheme. There are instances where black can be used to great effect but, in our case, looking at our site was like being sucked into some sort of black hole… (which, incidentally,) is where the last version of TVI should stay. May it RIP!

Our new design-team-approved color scheme is bright white and blue.  The overall “feel” of the design is light, airy, and easy to engage with!


An engaging site is also easy to read!  Our old site required reading glasses to get through. (I swear it was moonlighting as a novel in its spare time!) In fact, when we examined the old site, we realized that it was mostly text – which, while great for SEO optimization, didn’t reflect who we were as a creative agency. Even the “Our Work” page, which featured some of the awesome work that comes out of TVI, was too text heavy.

Our  design team loves our new portfolio pages. Compared to the old version of our site, where everything felt heavy and the work didn’t really pop off the page, the new portfolio pages do a great job of highlighting all the work that went into each project.


In addition to giving a full picture of what TVI did for each client, our new portfolio page is clean, bright, and easy to browse. We have large slider images to show the work and we can include a full description with more images in the explanation of the project. The first paragraph also includes an easy check list of all the aspects that went into the project so clients can easily see how TVI does much more than website design, something even long time clients weren’t aware of with our old site. (Probably because it was mentioned in Chapter 35 of the old TVI novel – I mean website.)

With the new fancy pants CMS system it’s really easy for us to update the site too. It’s much more streamlined so we’re more inclined to keep the portfolio up to date. It helps that we can now save what we’re doing if we get busy or need to step away for a minute. In the old system, if you started to add something to the portfolio you had to finish it. Or start over. (Boo.)

Overall, this was a long overdo redesign and while it was hard to admit that we needed it, the end product was worth it!

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