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5 Reasons Your Content Marketing is Not Working

Content marketing is an ongoing process in which optimization is important. You may not get it right the first time around but avoiding some of the mistakes below may help:

No Strategy in Place

Many marketers agree with the importance of content marketing but many fail to document their content marketing strategy. Documenting your content strategy ensures a more systematic and effective process. Having your content strategy documented and in place will also help you keep track of your goals.

Not Utilizing Keyword Research

Your content online should always include an SEO strategy in order to optimize traffic to your website. If you are not doing keyword research for your content, it would be hard to judge what your audience is looking for to help support your content strategy. Using the right keywords will ensure higher visibility on search engine and ultimately higher traffic to your website.

No Audience Targeting

Who are you writing your content for? Making sure your content is tailored to your audience is vital to the success of your content marketing. Of course more often than not, you have more than one category of target audience. When you have more than one group, be sure to segment your list and publish content only relevant to those segments.

No Diversity in Channel and Content Format

Whilst you only want to be on channels relevant to your target audience, you don’t want to have your content all in one platform, but multiple appropriate platforms, especially on social channels. If you are publishing content on your site, make sure there are social sharing buttons so that people can easily share your content. It’s also important that you diversify the format of your content. Instead of publishing content only in words, put out pictures, videos, downloads to capture attention of your audience.

Failure to Conduct Testing

Once you have your content, be it on social channels, emails or even fliers you’d want to conduct a test to optimize your content. When conducting optimization tests, which you can use tools like Unbounce for, change only one variable so that in the event that one version performs better than the other, you know what attributes to the success.

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