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The best summer internship ever?

This summer, we had the largest group of interns ever from New York University (NYU), Columbia University and Parsons School of Design. We’re lucky to have had such talented additions to our team. Despite it being a competitive process to land the internships, our interns had their fair share of fun! They attended numerous career fairs, networking […]

Social Media & Recruitment At TVI: 4 Tips To Get Yourself Noticed

With the start of the new year, recruitment season has also just begun. The recruitment scene is abuzz with career fairs, internships, on-campus recruitments, interviews, job advertisements and the endless list of options we recruiters have. Of course, the latest hype in recruitment is social media and content marketing. For those of you who shy […]

TVI’s Recruitment Cocktails: Recruiting the Best Marketing and Design Talent

For those of you in the know, TVI started a new initiative called the “G2KT (Get To Know TVI) Recruitment Cocktails”.  As a relatively new recruiting initiative, it is currently into its third month.  Given the name, some of you would probably guess it is an event where possible candidates meet the TVI team; have […]

How to create a great cover letter

Keisha Stephen-Gittens is awesome. So is Nick. They belong here. We met Keisha at the 2013 NYU fall career fair and immediately took a liking to her. She had a very friendly disposition, some experience under her belt, and demonstrated her passion for the digital marketing world. We invited her in for an interview quickly […]

How to get an internship you really want. Be awesome.

Nick Manluccia is awesome. So is Keisha. They belong here. Out of the hundreds of students we met two weeks ago at a career fair he was the only one that truly stood out. He had done his research, he had strategically targeted a few companies, and he had gotten creative by making his resume […]

How to Follow Up After a Career Fair

You did it all correctly. You went to the career fair, you shook hands, you introduced yourself, made your hiring materials like resume and links to online portfolios available, you were dazzling. So, where are all the calls? Where are the e-mails asking for interviews? Why, oh why, is there nothing but the sound of […]

How to Get That Design Job You’ve Been Eyeing

It’s that time of year… Seniors in art programs are completing their final design courses, prepping for exhibitions, and most importantly, trying to land a job for after they graduate! So how can a recent grad make his/her application stand out from the hundreds that potential agencies have to look through? Follow the instructions for […]

10 Ways to Not Land an Interview or a Job at TVI

We know the job hunting process is a pain. We’ve all been there. Part of our culture at TVI is to always be learning from our mistakes and teaching each other so we don’t repeat them again. We are also extremely detail oriented and want to work with the best! Here are 10 reasons why […]