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Innovation: Where Do Ideas Come From?

At TVI, we take innovation seriously. It’s what the “I” in TVI stands for. Our proprietary innovation processes encourages innovation thinking with our team through our innovation lab, Blue Sky Labs. If you’d like to learn more about how our structured innovation process can be used in your company, just contact us for more details. […]

A 2-Step Editorial Calendar Template that Can Boost Your Content Marketing Productivity

Looking to increase your content marketing productivity? To get yourself started, try using this two-step approach to creating an editorial calendar: Step 1. Use the Monthly Editorial Calendar work sheet (below) to choose 12 monthly topics, or themes, for the upcoming year. This creates a basic structure for your content marketing success Step 2. Once […]

Developing an Integrated Marketing Plan

By conducting a thorough integrated marketing audit of your previous/current marketing efforts and research on external factors that might affect your marketing, you can come up with integrated marketing recommendations to present to anybody that you need approval from in order to implement your plan. The plan is a summary of your marketing projects across […]

5 Reasons Your Content Marketing is Not Working

Content marketing is an ongoing process in which optimization is important. You may not get it right the first time around but avoiding some of the mistakes below may help: No Strategy in Place Many marketers agree with the importance of content marketing but many fail to document their content marketing strategy. Documenting your content […]

Developing a Winning Multi-Channel Content Marketing Strategy

Content strategy defines channel strategy — not the other way around. The following guide (source) is intended to help brands understand the steps in developing a winning content marketing strategy. It is a lengthy process that usually takes several months but when implemented correctly can be a driving force behind your marketing impact and sales […]

The Building Blocks of Integrated Marketing Research

In the first part of the research phase, we looked at what an integrated marketing audit looks like in which we analyze your internal marketing processes, channels and systems. Once you’ve determined the strengths and weaknesses of your current marketing strategies, it’s time to take into account how some external factors might affect your marketing […]

What is an Integrated Marketing Audit?

An integrated marketing plan is a detailed plan, tied to your sales objectives, which takes into account the various activities and media buys that your marketing team or agency will manage across channels. Digital audits are the first part of TVI’s Research phase. The aim is to get a clear picture of a company’s internal […]

5 Restaurant Trends for Summer 2015

Summer is right around the corner, and we’ve compiled a list of the 5 hottest trends this season for your business. Trend #1: Get Local, Get Seasonal Think greener, healthier, fresher. Customers want locally-sourced, farm-fresh ingredients at fair prices; eat (organic, may we add!) oranges in the winter, and watermelon in summer. Look around for […]

Why Emotional Branding Works

Emotional branding and messaging are terms you’ve probably been hearing for a while. However, you may be having trouble understanding why it works or why it’s become a marketing industry must. Understanding why emotional branding is effective can help you do it even better, so here are some reasons why it’s the way to go. […]

3 Things to Think About When Planning Your Annual Marketing Strategy

Managing a business requires skills in planning how to deal with friction and uncertainty. However, fast-changing technologies, globalization, increasing transparency, and even social responsibility, are upsetting the traditional business game, making the planning exercise much harder. How can we apply traditional planning methods in such a complex environment? With information changing daily, should your managers […]

SEO Done Right

We’ve had a lot of conversations recently with clients about our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services and thought this post would help you understand the SEO equation. Over the summer TVI spun off a new company developed within our Blue Sky Labs innovation process – BubbleBall. As part of our marketing strategy, search engine optimization […]

There Is No Fold: The truth about website conversions, Part Two

Hearing people talk to about how information on their website needs to be  “above the fold” is almost as annoying as hearing how a design needs to “pop” more (The Oatmeal has a great comic on the subject that also hangs in our office). In Part One of this blog post we took the red […]

How Wi-Fi Can Grow Your Local Business

What do the iPhone 5S, Samsung Galaxy, Nexus 5 and HTC One all have in common?  At some point soon, hopefully today, a person will walk into your business with one in their pocket.  Fortunately for businesses with physical locations, each of those smartphones represents an endless stream of valuable consumer data and psychographic information. […]

There Is No Fold: The truth about website conversions, Part One

There is the longstanding idea that cramming material “above the fold” on your website will increase conversion rates . After all, who is going to scroll down to read anything else? The belief is that if the user does not see your calls to action or every piece of information as soon as they come to […]

Restaurant Choice & Consumer Behavior: What Motivates Your Customer

Consumer behavior can be a broad and complicated topic, but researchers have done some excellent work specific to the restaurant industry. Much of this work revolves around answering: “How do customers choose a restaurant?” It’s a question that every restaurateur or manager should be asking. Here are some highlights from prior research, plus implications for your […]

5 Holiday Marketing Tips to Bring more Business into your Restaurant

The holidays can be a lot of fun, but they can also be a business challenge. This is the time of year when the arena is most competitive, when the most business is up for grabs, when spending reaches a fever pitch. The nice thing about it is that the season and the way it […]

Creative New Technologies in Foodservice: Two Examples

Last week, I saw an omniscient waterfall, a self-driving car, and a bar-tending arcade cabinet. These were some of the technological wonders shared at Four A’s Create Tech conference. Such marvels came largely from in-house R&D labs or sizable marketing budgets – luxuries not often available to restaurateurs. Nevertheless, creative technology is gradually finding its […]

Restaurant Marketing Tips inspired by CreateTech 2013

The restaurant business being described as “highly competitive” is surely an understatement due to the diverse choices from which to make dining decisions.  That’s why we stress the importance of innovating and adopting ongoing restaurant marketing initiatives to differentiate from competitors.  Other industry leaders agree that it takes fearlessness when using creativity and technology in marketing.  […]

New Ways to Grow a Successful Business from Advertising Week 2013

Last week in New York city, top experts in marketing and some of the most powerful names in modern industry gathered together to discuss current trends and fundamental shifts in the industry, with an eye towards empowering marketers to be more effective. With over 90,000 attendees and almost 200 panels, Advertising Week has now grown […]

3 Tips For Using Social Media

Correctly implementing social media for your company is critical in today’s marketplace – with more customers interacting online, social media is a valuable outlet for engaging them. While implementing social media campaigns that work isn’t a stroll through the park, neither is it rocket science. Below are 3 tips for using social media that will […]

Why Do Agencies Exist? To Build Your Brand

In a previous blog post on the Basics of Branding, I talked about the importance of a company’s public identity and laid out a strategy for branding that involves several major phases. The first phase is a mental process: thinking about branding. You start by defining the promise that you will make to the public, […]

How to Say NO to a Client

In the world of marketing it’s almost a truism that you never say no to a client. After all, we’re in a service-based industry and we’re here to fulfill the needs of our customers. Doing what they ask us to do is how we make our living. (Some agencies even make it part of their core […]

Brand Advertising: SEM vs SEO

There are a lot of options for getting your site noticed by customers on the web, and most of them are useful to some degree, but knowing which methods to use, when to use them, and how to apply them most forcefully and cost-effectively can be a challenge for even the most savvy business owner. […]

How to market a restaurant: 3 Sites you NEED to be on

There is no clear cut answer to the question of ‘how to market a restaurant?’ but there is a clear cut answer to ‘what 3 websites does my restaurant need to be on?’ to get more exposure: Opentable OpenTable can increse profits by helping you seat more diners, take more reservations, and turn casual customers […]

Tips for Video Shoots: Youtube Marketing

Youtube is a great place to advertise and creating a video can be fun – but it  requires a lot of work and planning to make your videos look professional and suitable for youtube marketing. Below are a few tips to help you get the best out of your next shoot. Multiple Cameras Now I’m […]

How to Market a Restaurant: Discovering New Restaurants

How do customers discover new restaurants?  Most marketing firms will tell you that everyone is on Facebook or Twitter (in general, they are) but the reality is that there are a multitude of other ways consumers expand their pallets and it never hurts to cover as many bases as you can when thinking about how to […]

SEO Tips: How Web Development Affects Your SEO

When a company’s management orders up a new website, they generally do so with only design elements in mind. Frequently, the assumption is that a creative agency should be hired to do the creative work and that true SEO tasks should be handled later on by someone further down the pipeline. At TVI, this drives […]

How to Market a Restaurant: Setting up Google Places

Whether you’re a big, well established restaurant or a small mom & pop place just starting out, reaching out to your neighbors can always help business. These are the potential customers down the block who are looking for that go-to local spot when a Wednesday night calls for a spontaneous dinner outing. This could be […]

Top Restaurant Websites Offer Online Ordering

Top restaurant websites always offer customers the option of ordering online. Why? Imagine this: You’ve really got a hankering for your favorite lunch from your favorite restaurant. Your mouth is watering just thinking about it. You picture yourself taking that first bite and savoring every minute of it. But it’s really raining/snowing/windy/hot/cold outside so screw […]

Why Do I Need Landing Pages?

Landing pages are a key tool to online marketing, and the more you have, the better off you are. Why? Because it’s the easiest way to tell your customer (and their search engine) that you have what they’re looking for is with a landing page. Landing pages are web pages that target a specific need […]

How to Market a Restaurant: Coupon Marketing

When you think about how to market a restaurant, “coupons” are usually one of the first things that come to mind. Coupons can bring in new customers, encourage repeat business from old customers, and provide valuable insights into consumer behavior. But, as with all things, there’s a right way and a wrong way to use […]

Restaurant Web Site Menus: The Good, Bad, and Ugly

At a bare minimum, a restaurant web site needs to convey 3 things: the restaurant’s contact number, the restaurant’s address,  and the restaurant’s menus. For the most part, phone numbers and addresses are  simple enough to convey as text. Menus, not so much. There are a few ways of displaying menus correctly (and incorrectly). Lets go […]

Great Restaurant Websites > Great Restaurant Apps

A lot of restaurant owners think that the best way to engage with their mobile customers is through a mobile app. In reality however, a mobile website that works well across devices is actually a better solution. Why? Because great restaurant websites make information much more accessible and are much friendlier on mobile users’ eyes. Availability […]

How to Market a Restaurant: Facebook Don’ts

For most restaurants, Facebook is an integral part of their social marketing strategy. (We’ve discussed before why Facebook is an important tool when it comes to how to market a restaurant.) However, Facebook is also one of the easiest platforms via which to make a mistake you can’t recover from. How do you avoid such […]

No One Wants to Visit Your Outdated Restaurant Web Site

First impressions matter.  For most restaurant customers, that impression starts with the restaurant web site. They check the map for what’s close to them and visit the website of the restaurant that sounds the tastiest. If they click on your site and have a flash back to the turn of the century chances are they […]

Why no One Visits Restaurant Websites That Play Music

Imagine this: Your favorite customer is sitting at work listening to music as a means of maintaining sanity through the day. A friend calls and asks her to organize an outing for the evening. Being your favorite customer ™, she immediately googles your restaurant name. Then suddenly, without warning, MUSIC begins BLASTING. Music that clashes […]

Rebranding Your Business. Here’s How:

Once you’ve come to terms with why your business needs to rebrand and decided who you want to rebrand as, you have to keep going and do the hard the work of actually rebranding. First, decide what specifically needs to change. This is one of the hardest things to do because it’s the part where […]

Tools for Restaurant Marketing. Use Them Now!

Sometimes, the best way to market your restaurant (while saving dollars) is to make use of the tools you already have. Below, we highlight 3 great tools for restaurant marketing. Each presents opportunities for restaurant owners to grow their business and each is frequently underused: Tools for Restaurant Marketing #1: Facebook One of the best tools […]

Great Restaurant Websites NEVER use Flash. EVER

There are no hard and fast rules for building great restaurant websites. Like most coding endeavors, it’s as much art as science. That said, there are definitely “thou shalt not”s. (For example, thou shalt not create a website where I can’t actually locate the menu.) Chief amongst my own personal thou-shalt-nots (and thus TVI thou-shalt-nots) is that you should […]

Rebranding Your Business: Here’s Who

In the first part of our Rebranding  series, we covered why we considered rebranding to be a necessary part of growing TVI (or any other business). But once we’d recognized the need to rebrand as a creative agency, we found that we needed to determine “who” we were going to rebrand as. “Who” is a difficult […]

Positioning a Brand: What JCP Did Wrong

By definition, positioning a brand is what you do to cement your brand identity in the mind of your customers/target market. Unfortunately, it tends not to work so well when you a) don’t do your research and b) confuse your customers. Around this time last year, JC Penney rolled out a new “enough is enough” ad campaign […]

Dear Five Guys, Your Boring Website Sucks

I love Five Guys. Their food is delicious, the price is right, and new stores are always popping up in various neighborhoods. Clearly, there is a demand for their burgers and fries. But you wouldn’t know any of that from looking at their website if you were we seeking a local burger joint online. What […]

Sometimes, You Just Have to Rebrand

Ever heard the one about how doctors’ wives die young and shoemakers’ kids go barefoot? Well, we suffered from a little bit of that here at TVI. As a creative agency, we put so much of our attention and effort into designing gorgeous sites for our clients that we neglected updates to our own website. […]

Rebranding Your Business. Here’s Why:

Whether you’re running a national restaurant chain, a design agency, or a Fortune 500 company, rebranding your business is a necessity. Why? Because your brand needs to be reflective of your business and your strategic direction.  This means that as your business evolves, your brand identity needs to change as well. If your brand remains […]

Why Spend $4 MILLION on One Lousy Ad?

In 2012, nearly fifty percent of Americans in the country’s top fifty-six media markets sat down to watch Superbowl XLVI. Brands who placed advertisements that year paid an average of $3.8 million for each 30-second slot, with SodaStream spending a reported 25% of their annual US advertising budget on their SuperBowl campaign. All of which begs […]

Just Launched: Arlington Club

TVI’s industrious design and development team is proud to announce the launch of Arlington Club’s new website.  Built around the needs of award-winning chef Laurent Tourondel and the TAO group, the website features a gorgeous multi-directional interface with easy to update menu pages and photo galleries. Throughout this project, our development team was laser focused on […]

Turn Your Restaurant Week Customers into Regulars

NYC Restaurant Week starts this Tuesday and many New Yorkers will be taking advantage of prix–fixe menus to try new restaurants. But how many of your Restaurant Week customers convert into repeat customers? At TVI we suggest the following best practices to keep your Restaurant Week customers coming back: NYC (winter) Restaurant Week runs January […]

Instagram for Restaurants and How It’s Heating Up!

Instagram for restaurants is definitely heating up in the social network world. How often are you out and about in today’s world and see people taking pictures with their smart phones, of their pets, cars, social lives, and of course, FOOD! With the exponential popularity of social media, and more recently showcasing one’s life through […]

5 Twitter for Restaurants Blog Posts You Need to Read

Twitter or Tweeter as we like to call it, is a social media platform that too many businesses fail to take advantage of.  Especially those that are in the service business like restaurants. Twitter allows businesses to easily connect and engage, get feedback, get ideas, and cheaply promote their business in less than 140 characters, meaning […]

Pinterest for Restaurants: The Ultimate Marketing Guide

The online social media frenzy has added a new member: Pinterest. You may have heard of it due its explosive growth in popularity, or maybe curiosity got a hold of you and you are one of the millions of people that have joined the invite-only platform. A network that has established such a large user […]

Why Email Marketing? 10 Reasons You Should Start Now

Why email marketing? You’ve probably heard of it before. And maybe even thought about doing it yourself. But if you want to make great strides in your business, you need to stop thinking and get to it! Here are ten reasons why email marketing is something you should pursue immediately! 1. Email Marketing Helps With Customer […]

Is a short domain name a competitive advantage?

I’ve heard both sides of the debate that a short domain name isn’t as valuable as a brand or the product, and that it’s not a real competitive advantage. Well if I were debating that I would say that’s bullocks. Ok I admit, I’m not a great debater. That’s all I got. But I know […]