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Developing an Integrated Marketing Plan

By conducting a thorough integrated marketing audit of your previous/current marketing efforts and research on external factors that might affect your marketing, you can come up with integrated marketing recommendations to present to anybody that you need approval from in order to implement your plan. The plan is a summary of your marketing projects across all available platforms.

To formulate your plan, review all your marketing flaws you’ve identified from the audits conducted in the first phase and consider the opportunities and threats of your environment from your research report.

When strategizing and prioritizing your different projects take into account how they will impact the stages of the marketing funnel and how that impact aligns with your business objectives.
Marketing Funnel

Awareness – How will people hear about us?

Consideration – What will make people want to try our services/products?

Conversion – What will allow people to pay us?

Loyalty – What will lead customers to pay again?

Advocacy – What will lead customers to tell others?

A simple matrix which shows the budget, priority, time frame and impact of each marketing project is a great way of presenting a high level plan to your key stakeholders without overwhelming them with all the executional details. Your integrated marketing plan should consist of the areas of your company’s marketing efforts that you’d like to focus on and not specific campaigns that you have in mind.

Here’s an example of what a document can look like. The first page shows the prioritized projects and their impact. The second page gives a little more detail into the objectives of each project.
Integrate Marketing PlanSummary of Marketing Recommendations

Once you have your marketing plan approved, you are now ready to develop detailed campaign plans and project charters, and gather the resources necessary to execute your plan successfully.


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