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Web Design Trends That are Seriously out of Date

Web design trends come and go very fast and that turnover is building up speed. With different technologies springing up every day, your site has to conform to them almost seamlessly to be effective. Just imagine a world without smart phones or tablets. (So, like, 10 years ago.) Back then there was little use for mobile optimized sites. Now, it’s imperative that your site be compatible with every device imaginable that utilizes the web. Below are some trends that are still around when they really, really shouldn’t be.

The Dreaded Flash Intro.

Flash intros never really served any purpose aside from providing a glitzy entrance into the actual site. I personally, have always hated them because they sever only one purpose: needless time wasted getting to the actual meat/information of a site. Flash intros, especially without a “skip intro” button, were infuriating. You’d load a site, and then a barrage of flashing images and sound would spew from your computer inhibiting your entrance into that site. If you’re at work on a friday, wanting to go somewhere with your friends that night, and visit that site, you’d automatically close the browser and not decide to go there. It’s a website, not a preview to the next blockbuster film. Intros can also be done with HTML5 for the same reason, but shouldn’t.

Music. Everywhere.

Our animator, Jen, shared why sites shouldn’t have music if they want to be taken seriously a while ago and I agree with her. Music throughout a site was a “hip” way of providing ambiance into a site, but was never effective. Say you’ve skipped the site with the really annoying flash intro at work and went onto another one. But this time you load the page and music starts to play out of thin air. As you fumble around the page to find the off button (hopefully there is one), or the volume on your speakers, you realize that it’s quite jarring and you leave the site all together. People are on your site for information, not to listen to whatever song you thought was awesome at the time.

Animated GIF’s

True, Google has just created a separate search for these but there’s nothing I hate more on a web page than seizure inducing, repetitive, animated gifs. Not only are they annoying, but they’re also bloated in size. Each frame of that gif is an image. If you have 5 animation frames, that means there are 5 images there, not one making the file size 5x bigger. I’m pretty sure that’s why Myspace died. How often did you go to a friend’s page and see over-populated sparkly unicorns and quotes all trying to move around at the same time inevitably crashing your browser? Yep, all the animated gif’s fault. Not to say they don’t still have a place (page loaders/preloaders), but by now they’re very small in size and contribute more than just a sparkly unicorn.

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