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Why Do I Need Landing Pages?

Landing pages are a key tool to online marketing, and the more you have, the better off you are.


Because it’s the easiest way to tell your customer (and their search engine) that you have what they’re looking for is with a landing page.

Landing pages are web pages that target a specific need for the end user. Say your end user googles “how to tell if you’ve been abducted by an alien” and they get to a landing page you created. Ideally, somewhere on that page, you would have a “call to action” button that gives that end user more information on how to tell if they’ve been abducted by aliens after they’ve done something you wanted them to. (Maybe joined the mailing list for that annual abductee conference you host.) It’s exactly what the user wanted, and instead of searching your whole site to find it, it was placed right in front of them where they needed it. Hopefully, the entire experience is so positive that they’re then more likely to engage your services.

Landing pages could also contain downloadable coupons, ebooks, posters or any other information that would be beneficial to your user. The more information you have on your landing page, the more a potential client will be inclined to consider your as a hire/ buy your product.

Another great use of a Landing Page is customization of email blasts. Say you have a mailing list form on your Restaurant Web Design landing page and it says “Sign up to receive Restaurant Web Design Updates”. Since the user wanted to be on that page in the first place, and wants to know more about it, they’ll most likely sign up and you’ll get a mailing list subscriber.

Depending on how many landing pages you have, you can see what people are interested in the most and shift your gears to accompany that. If you have 5% of your audience going to a landing page about “Why Web Validation Doesn’t Matter” and 50% going to ¬†“Awesome Sunglasses”, you’ll gear your site more to¬†awesome sunglasses since most of your audience wants to know about it.

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